ArtCore – Paper Weaving

A little something you probably don’t know about me. Yes, teaching is an incredibly important part of my practice. Yes, this has become mainly focused on aspects of art which can help with mental health. However, my first ever workshop I delivered was over in Haiti to a group of secondary school students! Wow, was it an incredible experience, and unforgettable. We were asked to plan and prepare workshops for students with limited resourses and after watching a ridiculous amount of YouTube videos I finally found the perfect thing. Newspaper basket weaving, using recycled materials and only limited skills are needed.

So when I saw the opportunity to collaborate with ArtCore, I thought this would be a great time to use these skills again! See the video below to see part one of the newspaper basket tutorial!

“Make and Accept”

I have been working alongside LU Arts to deliver an exciting series of Facebook Live workshops. These workshops focus on key elements of my practice, the influences of art on mental health and different mindfulness techniques within drawing itself.

I have extended this into different forms within this particular workshop, with the emphasis being on creating a 3-dimensional object. See below for the live workshop, and for any more information on this process please click here.

An update on some collaborative work

During these weird and uncertain times it has been more important than ever to keep on making and exploring. Within limited time and materials this has been difficult. However, I have collaborated with a small group of artists and we have been exploring new concepts, themes and ideas to make the most of social media, in this instance, Instagram. (Please see the Instagram page co.grid here).

So, for the last 5 weeks we have all had our own square on Instagram with the idea that they will all form one overall image, with different artists perspective on the rules. Are they ground breaking, I wouldn’t say so. But, the weekly get together and discussion has been incredibly important to developing new ideas. However, I do feel like we have learnt a lot over these last few weeks! Here is my favourite so far, in response to my “scribble and focus” workshops.

LU Arts Online Live Workshop

The idea of sitting infront of a camera and talking to a camera I have always found very overwhelming and frightening. However, by creating live workshops that other people are able to react and comment during the session it relieved my anxiety about this. I can honestly say, I thoroughly enjoyed this and would like to continue to make more and improve on these skills! Hopefully more will be coming your way very soon!!

Art and Well-being

During these uncertain times, many creatives have put together small activities for people to do at home. Creating new and exciting ways of learning, creating artistic communities and workshops. I have been working alongside LU Arts, and I have created an arts and well-being page on my website. Using different processes which I have personally found helpful to relieve stress and anxiety. These can all be found here.

Exciting Art Projects to Watch, Learn and Inspire!

I have been looking for new and exciting art projects, just to think about creativity a little bit differently! There are so many different things going on right now. Here are just a few which seemed interesting. Let me know if you get involved with anything, or you have any exciting projects you’re leading at the moment!

Moma: Art Courses

Moma is currently offering a selection of their art courses for FREE online. Something to keep you busy during lockdown. Including:

  • Modern Art and Ideas
  • Fashion as Design
  • In the Studio: Postwar Abstract Painting
  • Seeing Through Photographs
  • What Is Contemporary Art?

If you’re not looking for art courses and fancy getting your teeth into something else then there are a variety of courses available on Coursera’s website.

Activity Pack – Firstsite

A group of well-known artists have put an activity pack together, with lots of inspiring ideas and projects to work on during this time. All of the activities are easy to do with a lack of supplies! So get stuck in and have a go at something new and fun! You can download this activity pack here.


How about something a little bit more crafty. Gathered are putting together daily projects. There are multiple activities to do on there already, from learning how to crochet to how to make pom poms! A great place to get started with things you have never tried before.

The Show Must Go Online

If you would just like a bit of entertainment and a chance to be inspired by a musical that you’ve always wanted to see, tune in on The Show Must Go Online’s Youtube channel. This week Phantom of The Opera is on, only for 24 hours so you’ll have to cancel your plans of watching Corrie for something a little more creative.

Where I found these opportunities:

LU Arts
Are sharing on their Loughborough Creative Distancing Facebook group, plenty of projects, and courses you can get involved in.

Have created uplifting creative lives over on their Facebook. Suitable for both children and adults. Comprising of Motivational Mondays, Crafternoons everyday at 1pm and other artists talks.

A platform I am sure you have all came across over the years. At the moment they are advertising even more available free art courses online.

Response to Corona Virus

After I have left my studio and I am currently trying to set up a space in my room to work from home, I have been using this time to carefully to research different ways to respond to the current epidemic. It seems wrong to ignore what is going on in the world right now, and as my art work looks at different ways of coping with mental health I think this is needed more than ever.

I have decided to put together a series of online workshops to deliver to the community to encourage creativity to help promote mindfulness thinking. Encouraging people to think about the lines and shapes in relation to feelings at that time and feelings they would like to bring in. I will be creating live workshops with other art organisations and I’m sure this will lead onto other exciting projects!

The workshops proposed are similar in essence to ones I have previously worked on with Hayley Stokes, a fellow artist at Loughborough University. (Please see the One in Four post to find out more information). Unfortunately, this has been put on hold for the time being, but I am sure we will continue with these workshops in the future!

I will put together a page on my website with step by step guides to help use art mindfully within these difficult times. All a work in progress, lots of adapting to the current situations.

Here’s a couple of quick examples of work made during these exercises … exciting things coming! Yes before you say anything, that is colourful!

CVAN – Meet The Artist

As part of the Instagram takeover with CVAN East Midlands, myself and my fellow artist Emily Hett were asked to take part in an interview. To discuss our current practice and question the key aspects of our work. Narrowing down key ideas and concepts, as well as photographs to portray what our practice is really about!

For more information and to view the interview please click here.

Collaborative Practice

It’s been a week since lock down and wow a few things have changed. I have been extremely impressed by the adaptations that have been quickly been enforced within the art world. Galleries have closed, studios have closed, but yet there have been more visible art collaborations within the last week than I have seen before.

This has been extremely motivating, to adapt and change my practice to adjust to the current situation. We all need to make the most out of this time and come out the other side proud. So what’s next?

I have been brainstorming and doing lots of research into different collaborative practices, using social media to put these together. So I have put together a group of artists and our aim is to create something uplifting each week, which will then combine together to make one larger image on Instagram. I have no idea how it will go, but right now I feel that is important to keep on creating. This is something completely different to my daily practice, and I am hoping through this playful experiment we will all find new and exciting ways of mark making and producing work!

Thank you ever so much to Emily Arnold, Danielle Blackwell, Amelia Hand, Hayley Stokes and Rebecca Wymant for participating! Click here to view our page.

A few rules we have set so far:~
– The overall image has been designed by myself and then sent off to the individual artists.
– The colour scheme this week is the rainbow, inspired by the help the NHS paintings that others have put into their windows.
– Have fun

I think these rules will have to be stricter within the coming art projects. Hopefully this will become bigger and we will be able to get more artists involved, if you would like to take part please contact me on

We may all be apart, but lets create together!

“Reflect” – Exhibition

Showcasing work made since October 2019 – March 2020. Exploring the ability of art and effects on mental health, regarding drawing practice. =

Medication Traces
Graphite and Charcoal on Paper, 42.0 x 59.4cm, 2019-2020

Five and a Half Years
Graphite and Charcoal on Paper, 150 x 200cm and 150 x 120cm, 2020

Repititive Gestures 1, 2, 3.
(1)Oil Pastel (2) Biro (3) Charcoal and Graphite on Paper, 120 x 120cm, 2019-2020.