Week 11 – Plan

I have spent the last week trying to create plans and templates for a larger scale piece of work. After hours, in fact days, of meticulously measuring out shapes, sadly something didn’t quite match up. Back to the drawing board! It’s important to remember and share these frustrating times, just another hurdle to overcome! HopefullyContinue reading “Week 11 – Plan”

Week 10 – Reflect

I have been working on a smaller scale to try and improve my skills and techniques when using the frottage process. Hoping that through experimentation I would be able to understand, reflect and create a series of resolved drawings on a larger scale. When considering repetition within my work, it is important to understand thatContinue reading “Week 10 – Reflect”

Week 9 – Reflect and Refresh

Some people talk about “writers block,” a time which you struggle to think of different ideas, new concepts. For me, I have the complete opposite issue, I feel like my mind works so much faster than my hands can makes things. I find myself getting excited about new ideas, endless sleepless nights, filling my sketchbookContinue reading “Week 9 – Reflect and Refresh”

Week 8 – Breakthrough

Every now and then I find I need to step back from making constantly and actually think about what I am actually doing, and what it is that I would like to achieve. After experimenting with different shapes within my work, these reminded me of the blister packets for medication, yet another coping mechanism forContinue reading “Week 8 – Breakthrough”

Engaging with Loughborough University

It has been so inspiring to be back within the university environment. Surrounded by like-minded individuals and creativity! Different students are slowly getting to know us and talk to us about their own work and practice. To help the third years Emily Hett (the other ABF Fellow) and myself put together a short presentation forContinue reading “Engaging with Loughborough University”

Week 7 – Venice Biennale

ABF offered a travel grant to help enhance my artistic practice. I wanted to ensure I made the most of this opportunity to broaden my knowledge and understanding of art today. After visiting The Venice Biennale in October 2017, I was inspired and excited about both the artwork and the methods of display within theContinue reading “Week 7 – Venice Biennale”

Week 3 – Casting and Drawing

After the terrible weather last week and attempting to capture the site through intense rubbings. I wanted to explore different possibilities of site which feelings of anxiety were present, through casting. I purchased PolyMorph Plastic. Once heated it melts and can be pressed into any shape you like, and then once cooled it then sets.Continue reading “Week 3 – Casting and Drawing”